Tuesday 28 February 2012

PONDOO'S REVIEW: Magnet & Steel - Vocals & Whims (Demo 2012)

Basically, I wondered over to the weird part of Soundcloud and found myself falling into Magnet & Steel's gangly arms where he continued to tickle me with his ridiculous beats and sounds until I climaxed everywhere. Its almost a year later, and I still find myself entranced and inspired by almost everything this bloke does. Technically brilliant and sonically mind blowing, Vocals & Whims is the latest in a series of projects that Magnet & Steel has unleashed on the world . If I'm honest, I could have babbled on about any one of his Demo EPs but this one (in all its madness and absurdity) is probably the most accessible.

'Whims 1' plods along very satisfyingly as an opener.  This track expresses flashes of Magnet & Steel's trademark 'construct and obliterate' style that sees textures and drums flopping all over the place like some sort of space retard. The beats come together particularly nicely on 'Whims 2 (I Still Love You)' and 'Vocals 1'. The latter is a ball pit of synthesized textures and hench reverb that blows the hair off your testicles with the force of a million hairdryers. The overdriven bass towards the end was particularly erotic. The short but sweet 'Vocals 2' is a much more playful experiment with rhythm, however it is the last track 'Parallel Projection 2' that showcases the true masterclass of Magnet & Steel's production. He brings everything together here, using subtle vocals to embellish the mix whilst undulating chords project you into some place called 'jhbkjb lvkbgkjbgcjkcbd kl f,jjkbmnkjavmbnr kfjbb 04579f.' I just wish it was longer.

This Demo EP is seriously good. Magnet & Steel is clearly tremendously talented, and i hope to god for all its weirdness that it doesn't get overlooked. If this is the future of electronic music then i will be a very happy man.

If you like your breakbeats then check out 'Pumpin the Breakssss.    org by Magnet & Steel.

Check out Magnet & Steel on bssso.com

Reviewed by Pondoo