/// Pondoo's Review

Little is known about Pondoo.

What we do know is that somewhere, and we're not quite sure where, he sits alone in a comfortable chair next to the fire. The chair is made from corduroy and crumbs of biscuits and pork pies long gone. It is believed he hums gentle tones down his beard to create individual strands of pure waveform. Pondoo will then meticulously stretch, cut and layer up each strand as he sees fit to create tiny but beautifully crafted tapestries that only his eyes can truly appreciate in physical form. He will then proceed to coat the tapestry in butter. After he is happy with his creation he throws it in the fire.

If you happen to bump into Pondoo, be sure to ask him how he goes about making his music. I'm sure it would be a fantastic story... But remember, no sudden movements.

Here you will find and outlet for Pondoo’s other passion in life……… the passion for a written review. Although he has assured us that he will use this blog to review music that he is currently listening to, we never quite know what we will get from him. We hope you enjoy and that this will help you to discover some extremely good underground artists.


PONDOO'S REVIEW 01 /// Magnet & Steel - Vocals & Whims (Demo 2012)